(Fraud Alert!!) Beware of Juice Jacking- A new way to steal your data


Beware of Juice Jacking- A new way to steal your data

How does it work?

A USB port is often used as a medium for data transfer. You may have noticed that, when you charge your phone through the USB port of your computer or laptop, it also opens the option to transfer files back and forth between the two systems.
In the case of juice jacking, the connection is only visible on the power supply end, as fraudsters can tamper with the USB ports to give them access to information on the victim’s phone.

How to prevent juice jacking

  1. Never use a free USB port or charging cable. Always carry a charger with you.
  2. Invest in a power bank that can be used in case you cannot find an empty wall socket.
  3. Switch your phone off if you are using a charger/adapter that is not yours, especially in public places.
  4. If you need to keep your phone on as you charge in a public space, lock it with a PIN only. Avoid using fingerprint/face unlock. That way, your phone cannot be paired with any device.
  5. Install an antivirus solution on your devices.

How to steal your friends data without mobile hostport

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