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How To Convert Airtime To Cash 2020 With Best Rate For All Network




Although there are some platforms out there which do convert airtime to cash for people but not with a sweet rate and some don’t cover up with all networks some are selective don’t worry. The process we are about to share with you now covers the process on how to convert airtime to cash on mtn, airtel, glo and 9mobile. 

How To Convert Airtime To Cash In 2020 With Best Rate

How to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria (10 Easy Ways) -
  1. You can actually convert your airtime to cash on devicetopup
  2. Which you can contact them by viewing the email at
  3. And you can also contact them via phone call and WhatsApp using this number:  +2348132925435.
  4. They offer thConclusions time convert to cash service with a sweet rate. 
  5. And they accept all kinds of airtime either view pin purchase or code. 
  6. Or by normal transfer process which some service providers call share n sell service. 
  7. Devicetopup is one of the best airtime converter placement we’ve discovered so far. 
  8. And you can also get more info on how they operate by viewing their airtime Convert to cash process here.

you want to transfer airtime view share and sell or other miss of process that you think of you will need to know how you can transfer the airtime.

But if you just want to send them a recharge pin that’s quite easy you just need to contain them and get the airtime sent to them once they confirm your recharge card or airtime to be rechargeable you will get your cash transfer to you back at best rate. 

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And if you have the card already loaded you will need to use the share n sell service which is available for all service providers range from Mtn, Airtel, glo and 9mobile. 

we will still lay down the process so get the airtime share process going for you and lay down at best results and also do not engage in stories when doing the airtime converting deal. 

How To Transfer Airtime To Other Line For All Network 

As we said earlier, some little secret link to the airtime transfer or airtime share service for all networks which we will carry out all processes in step by step ways for you to gain yourself in more understanding. 

We would like to start with sharing self service available for mtn users and service providers which entails some casual processes. 

How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn 2020

  • We’ve actually talked about this before which is available on our page. 
  • It entails how to share airtime on mtn, it’s the same process we are going to explain now. 
  • Click above link to know more about mtn share n sell service or follow up below. 
  • But for your info above process carry out over and what you need to know about mtn airtime transfer process. 
  • Go to your phone and dial the following code. 
  • Dial *600* Number you want transfer airtime to* Amount of Airtime* And transfer pin# .
  •  For example *600*08132925435*1000*1324# 
  • That all if you don’t know how to get your transfer or share n sell pin. 
  • You can click here to get info or how you can go about that. 
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Buy following all does process both, the one stated on this page and the one on the other page. 

Then you have successfully transferred airtime you want to Convert to cash to the reception. 

Fastest way to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria | Aimtoget

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel 2020

  •  Transfer of airtime is the same thing as sharing of airtime. 
  • Which we have explained in this article, on how you can share airtime on airtel to your friends and others. 
  • You can actually use that process to send or transfer the airtime you want to Convert to cash to the reception. 
  • Or still follow the below process or guide. 
  • Dail,  no you don’t need to dial anything on airtel. 
  • For airtel transfer service is done view Sms, sending of messages. 
  • The sms won’t charge you anything. 
  • Send the following message to 432 to be able to transfer your airtime on airtel. 
  • Message: 2u <Space> Number to receive the airtime <Space> Amount of airtime <Space > airtel Transfer pin
  • Which will look like this ( 2u 08132925435 1000 1324 ).How to convert airtime to cash on airtel
  • Just exactly as it is in the bracket. 
  • To know how to get your transfer pin visit this article how to share airtime on airtel. 

Which will give you more guidance on how you can transfer the airtime you want to convert to cash. 

How To Convert Airtime To Cash 2020 With Best Rate For All Network

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