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How to unlock your phone after forgetting your pin, passwords or pattern




How to unlock your phone after forgetting your pin, passwords or pattern

When you forget your pin, password or pattern, you don’t need to panic or think of taking it to a phone engineer to repair it, there is still something you can do to unlock it back.

6 Methods to Unlock your Android Device Password Without Factory Reset

With the help of a registered Google account stored on your phone, you can easily unlock your phone. Google tighten the security of your phone, so you can easily retrieve or unlock your phone back as long as you still remember the username and password of your Google account.

Remember, when you’re setting up your password, pin or pattern, you were told to input your recovery email right? If you input the right email address, then you will be able to unlock your phone back by recovering it.

How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Losing Data | MyBe Online | Your  Data Privacy News

Another way you can unlock your phone after forgetting your password, pin or pattern is to wipe your phone using the volume up key and the power off key. You can do that by pressing it together, then proceed to factory setting. Your phone will be wiped and everything will be reset. You can now have access to your phone back.

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