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The Mobile Gaming and Online Gaming




The Mobile Gaming and Online Gaming

The number of smartphone users in the world is much higher than the game console and PC users. Even in the last decade, we have seen online gambling sites offering mobile casino apps. They are offering various latest casino bonuses as they know what is the potential of mobile gaming platform.

They Are More Convenient

  • Online mobile games are easily accessible, often free, and quick to download. What makes an online game successful is the easiest possible logging in and starting, as well as quitting and logging out, since it is mostly played on the go, and must have been created easily.
  • Online gambling sites are inclined towards mobile gambling because users find it more convenient as they can access their favourite casino games whenever they want.
  • The games are increasingly rare on the market as CDs but are available online. It makes playing more convenient and easier. With just one click, you can buy, install, and try out any game.

The Popularity of Mobile and Online Gaming

Is Mobile the Most Popular Online Gaming Platform in India? - Social Media  Asia

Playing together and playing against each other is said to be one of the oldest human cultures to learn new skills and techniques. Thanks to modern new developments, the game is brought into everyday life and has become accessible to everyone.

The most popular platforms that are used most often when playing include PCs, as well as stationary and mobile consoles, such as smartphones or tablets. As we said mobile phones are used more and more often because it is practical to use them on the go and users can have access to the game at all times.

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All of these things have developed a new industry called “e-sports.” It is becoming very popular and it is getting lots of media & fan coverage in the last few years. The best players gather to play online with the audience at the same time. More and more e-sports fans come to such events and actively participate in competitions. There are also thousands of spectators in the competition arenas who want to experience the big game live.

The players themselves are mostly 16-24-year-old boys and men, for whom the hobby has also turned into a job. Although the gimmick is more popular with men, many women players are involved as well.

Signing out…

The current value of the mobile gaming market is considered about $52 billion and it is going to increase in the next few years, obviously. The mobile gaming market will see more than a 3% increment in the number users till 2024 according to Statista. As many tournaments of e-Sports and the new development in the technologies are fully in force, the market of mobile gaming is going to reach new heights in the future.

Mobile gaming the driving force of Indian online gaming

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