Twist of Faith 29 December 2020

Twist of

Pragya thinks Abhi will now and . Nurse informs her that Abhi has . Pragya and runs to his ward. She asks Dadi, if meet him. Dadi says no, and says first him, as him. Tanu the .


Pragya there. Tu Meri Jaan hai ……………Abhi sees Pragya. Pragya smiles seeing him. Abhi asks Nurse what on? He says I you my . He asks her his . Nurse asks Pragya why did he say that, if he remembering you. Pragya is and asks her. She tells him that Abhi her. says him and .


Dadi asks what ? Pragya says he me? Don’t why? Dadi is and asks her to have . Tanu and Aaliya on . Abhi. out. Dr. Sharma tells her that , . He says he can’t you, and it his mistake. Dr. Jatin says having retrograde amnesia..Dadi asks it? explains and says a loss. Dadi is . says his which with . He says ’t how did he ? Mitali says if he don’t . says we don’t . He don’t his and the the . Aaliya asks him if he don’t . says he forgot few in and asks him. Dadi says him the . says it to make him and asks her to be . He asks them to disturb his .


Abhi thinks why my coming, and thinks or . Aaliya enters. Abhi sees her and says you…Aaliya says bhai. Abhi says you in Australia for , then did ? Aaliya is and says I . She asks do you me? Abhi says ofcourse, I you for . He says you be there in Australia . Aaliya says , . Abhi asks why I couldn’t . Aaliya asks him to his . Abhi says you have the . Aaliya says . Abhi hugs her.


Dadi says what do you ? him that Pragya is his him. tells it that the forgets his ones or others. Raj asks if any to regain or if any . says no, and says if he has to get then he else he like this . Abhi asks Aaliya his and asks . Aaliya asks him to take . She thinks Abhi don’t January 2014, and don’t his marriage with Pragya. She thinks he has like Abhi. She thinks we the Jackpot . Abhi asks her to Dadi. Aaliya says .


Purab asks what did he ? asks him to on his . Dadi . says this had with many and now . Aaliya comes out and tells Abhi has 2 and a years . Purab asks be so ? Aaliya says I met him and he asking me my . assuming that he don’t 2 years, and says even he didn’t he with me.

: Abhi’s

Tanu and aliya taunt pragya that she has . pragya is distraught and apalled and vehemently asserts how she to be , and that she out of abhi’s , from his and soul. they to chide, and explaining as to how her leaving , is the , he doesnt have any recollection, has of , and seeing her be for her .


she says that she shall in hiding, him from evil eyes, she of his and being, even having to be in of her. they her thats , and to her stuff out, to throw it out of abhi’s room. granny comes and is apalled her being chided and teased like that. she rushedly takes her from there, pragya complaining whats to her, plotting . she calms her down, pragya to pour out, that she who him married to her, to his and .


she granny tensed and apalled, she asks whats , granny begs for forgiveness explains how the , for abhi’s happiness, and asks her to make this sacrifice, for abhi, and assures that she shall be away and from him. pragya is apalled, as granny extends her for pragya’s . she is distraught she into her request, walks out in a daze. granny collapses and distraught.


, pragya to her room, and packing up, encapsulaing and of her with abhi from this room. she stands tensedly, as a wave of passes in of her eyes. she emotionasl remembering moments. The freezes on her tensed face.

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