Twist of fate  28 December 2020


Aaliya and Tanu go to the medical clinic and get some information about Abhi. Pragya tells that he had a mishap and is in the OT now. They go there. Purab asks Pragya, for what reason did you advise them? Pragya says Aaliya is Abhi’s sister.

Purab says they are the explanation behind Abhi’s condition. He takes her to side and tells that , Aaliya and Nikhil have bombed the vehicle slows down and landed him here. Aaliya requests that Dadi tell how is Abhi? Dadi disregards her. Aaliya attempts to ask Mitali and others. Medical attendant comes out. Tanu asks how is Abhi? Medical caretaker says he is basic. Tanu orders her to get down on specialist and says she will converse with him. Medical caretaker inquires as to whether this is a joke, specialist is working. She requests that they look after quiet. Pragya returns to Aaliya and Tanu. She slaps Tanu and Aaliya. They are stunned. She says Abhi is in clinic in light of you both… and requests that they get out. Sarla is stressed for Pragya and Abhi. Purab educates her that Abhi met with a genuine mishap and requests that she come there. Sarla cries severely finding out about him. Beeji tells that we will go there and asks her to come.

Pragya holds Aaliya’s hand and requests that she get out. Aaliya asks what do you need? Pragya asks what do you need? She says I don’t see by what means can a sister do this with her sibling who is so cherishing and defensive. She says he was prepared to demolish his life and wedded me for your vengeance. She says every one of my issues are a result of me, will I murder you? Aaliya is stunned. Pragya says your fate is so acceptable and have a family. You attempted to murder him. Tanu says we didn’t come here to hear your talk, yet to see Abhi. Pragya says you came here to see that on the off chance that he is in any condition. Tanu requests that she stop garbage and says we care for him.

Pragya says you would have revealed to him that the infant isn’t of him, and was celebrating with Nikhil and arranged his demise. Aaliya says how might I execute my sibling? Pragya says you have bombed my vehicle’s brakes to execute me. Aaliya acknowledges to their wrongdoing and says we didn’t realize that bhai was with you… Tanu heard Dadi and Purab’s conversation.

Aaliya says this is only a happenstance. She says you should had been in that vehicle, however your fate is acceptable and you was saved, yet he met with a mishap. Pragya cries and says my fate was terrible… … Purab comforts her. Pragya says I ought to have passed on. Purab says they can’t sympathize with any feeling or see your agony. Pragya says I don’t have a clue what you individuals are feeling, however you will presently feel what I will give you. She says I will rebuff you for fouling up with Abhi. Aaliya feels awful for Abhi, however Tanu stands cheerful. Attendant comes out and says activity is finished. Specialist comes out and says he is out of risk now. Pragya expresses gratitude toward him. Specialist tells we have fizzled, and pronounced him dead, yet you resurrected him. He tells that they have put numerous join as the injuries are many. He reveals to Dadi that she is fortunate to have bahu like her.

Pragya, Purab and Raj demand to meet him. Specialist permits just Pragya to meet him after he gets awareness. Pragya expresses gratitude toward him. She comes to ward… ..Tere liye duniya chod di hai tune plays… … ..She sits at his bed side. Sarla and Beeji reach there and get some information about Abhi. Dadi says on the off chance that Abhi is alive, at that point he is alive on account of Pragya. She says Pragya’s affection and strength gave him new life and gestures of recognition Sarla’s lessons. Dadi acclaims Pragya. Sarla says our children are with us. Dadi says they will be together consistently and goes to God to join them. Sarla says I petition God for their wellbeing and solidarity. Beeji asks where is Pragya. Dadi says she went to see Abhi in OT.

Pragya discloses to Abhi in what manner can you heart stop beating..she holds his hand… .and cries. Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays… … ..

Pragya sits at Abhi’s bedside, and reviews all the cheerful minutes between them. A fb is appeared. Milade Saiyya plays… … .Tanu are conversing with Nikhil on telephone. Nikhil thinks to flee from that point. Tanu says Abhi haven’t picked up cognizance yet and just had a medical procedure. She discloses to him that Aaliya has changed and have become a mindful sister now. She advises Aaliya even battled with Pragya to see Abhi and says that Aaliya won’t leave you. Nikhil says it was not my slip-up and tells that you said that Pragya is separated from everyone else and when I checked, she was alone.

Tanu asks him not to come there. Nikhil figures Abhi will demolish my vocation in the event that he picks up awareness and gets stressed deduction what to do? Purab reveals to Dadi that Abhi will pick up awareness in at some point and goes to bring

injection. Dadi and Beeji are happy.
Aaliya asks Purab, when will Abhi pick up cognizance? Purab asks what does she needs? On the off chance that she needs to trick Abhi with her phony tears. Aaliya says I would not like to murder you. Purab says I realize you attempted to execute Pragya, yet Abhi sat on that vehicle. She says you realize well that he can’t survive without Pragya, and says in the event that anything would have happen to her, at that point he would have passed on in a roundabout way. He says I realize you are acting and everybody likewise know. He says Bulbul have saved me from you, else I would have hitched you. He expresses gratitude toward God for sending Bulbul in his grasp. He says once Abhi picks up cognizance, all the false impressions will be cleared. He gets some information about herself. Aaliya says you are taking it individual. Purab says I am not taking it individual, and says you are egotistical lady. He says when we as a whole have left you, your supposed companions will likewise leave you one day. He asks her never to show her face to Abhi, avoid him. He requests that she help out and avoid Abhi and him.

Pragya discloses to you will be fine once you picks up cognizance. She says all that will be acceptable, our connection additionally… there will be no torment, and says God has restored her joy. She says every one of your desires will materialize and we will praise all events together. She tells we will have a girl named Abhigya similarly as you needs, and says I have a child simply like you. She requests that he recover soon, and return home. She says you need to begin work as well and act in shows. She thinks back how he applied tone on her during holi. A fb is appeared… ..Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays… … .She converses with him while he is as yet oblivious, and afterward she rests close to him. Pragya requests that Sarla return home and take rest. Sarla requests that she have food else she will get unwell. Aaliya takes a gander at her and goes. Pragya expresses gratitude toward God for saving Abhi. Sarla says you have endured a ton to get him.

Pragya is upbeat and says I am glad that my kumkum is with me. She requests that Beeji and Sarla return home, take rest and come later. Sarla demands to see Abhi once he picks up awareness and afterward leave. Pragya requests that she come later. They leave in the wake of gift her for joy. Pragya petitions God and accept the fallen blossom as Prasad, and express gratitude toward God. Tanu reveals to Aaliya that we will not remain here and says gives up. Aaliya says I need to meet Bhai. When he picks up cognizance, I will meet him and afterward leave. Tanu says what do you imagine that he will embrace you… .he won’t leave you and requests that she come in her detects. Aaliya requests that she quit biting her mind. Tanu says it appears you have a plan to move away from Abhi’s resentment. Aaliya says you are correct and says she will give her infusion to make her slip into unconsciousness. Tanu thinks what to do, she figures she can’t leave aaliya alone.

Pragya reveals to Abhi that she got his fantasy and he was attempting to state something… .Suddenly Abhi holds her hand. Pragya gets enthusiastic and calls Nurse. Medical attendant says you will get him faculties with your affection.

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