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Webvium App For Android/Ios and PC More Features




Download Webvium App For Android/Ios and PC More Features

About webvium The revolutionary browser

Webvium is a fast, lightweight, modern, elegant and revolutionary android browser.

Why Webvium is faster than other?

The fundamental truth is smaller is always faster, that’s quite obvious because you can download Webvium faster, because its just 700KB, theres less to transfer. Webvium installations time is lot faster because there less to compile that what takes time in installing ( though webvium is 22K lines webvium uses 0 support library), and lastly thats what user see everyday. Webvium startup much faster because theres less code to load..

Features of this App

  1. Features:
  2. Gestures:
  3. Hold the toolbar to open the popup menu for the following actions ( Paste and Search, Paste, Copy Link, Share and Add to { Homescreen and Bookmarks } ).
  4. Hold the lock icon to see information about the url schemes.
  5. Click the lock icon to see the SSL Certificate and whether its valid or not.
  6. Scroll up and down to hide and show toolbar or elevation ( beta ).
  7. Hold webpage image and links to see more actions.
  8. Hold Webvium icon in launcher to see more actions ( only in supported launchers or android 8 to android 11 ).
  9. Tools:
  10. Desktop
  11. Web OSINT { Headers, Links, Meta Tags, Robots.txt, Tranceroute, NPing, Whois, NSLookup, Souce Code and IP Geolocation }
  12. Errors { Under developement, on this area you can see the errors history ( automatically cleared once you exit ), errors are defined in 3 categories. 1. Common Errors 2. SSL Errors and 3. HTTP Errors }
  13. Android { Under developement, allows you to call other app activities, do intents action calls etc }
  14. Javascript { Console panel ( execute javascript on live webpage ) and Console Message ( see the console message this will be cleared automatically once you exit ) }
  15. Screenshot ( in default, the device screenshot, screen video and mirroring are disabled. The screenshot feature in tools only captured the App ( not included the status and nav bar ) or the content only ( can be change on settings ) }
  16. View IP
  17. Local IP
  18. View UA
  19. Headers { The headers that websites receives from webvium }
  20. PassGen
  21. IDGen
  22. Save Link
  23. Print
  24. Open
  25. Navbar:
  26. Home – can be disabled in settings
  27. Refresh/Stop
  28. Back and Forward
  29. Menu { Settings, Quit and Clear Cache }
  31. History
  33. Settings:
  34. General { Homepage, Custom Homepage, Allow Duplicate, Priority, Visibility, Auto Cancel, Push Notification, Automatically check for updates, Check for update, Tab Queue and Remind me to take a break }
  35. Interface { UI, Launcher Icon, Screen Orientation, Show Webpage, Screen Timeout, Dark Theme, Curve Edge Window Effect, Dark Theme, Collapse Search View, Home Shortcut in NavBar, Main Window Background, Custom Background Image }
  36. Search { Search Engines, Voice Search, Webvium Search, Show Search Suggestion, Suggest Bookmarks, Suggest History, Strick Suggestion to Links, Sort }
  37. Downloads { Open Downloads on Start, Open Downloads on Finish, Download Files Automatically, Download Files over Wifi Only, Battery optimization }
  38. Privacy { Clear Cache, Clear Bookmarks, Clear Browsing History, Pause Browsing History, Clear Search History, Pause Search History, User-Agent, Custom USer-Agent, Receive Error, Receive Error in All Files, Receive HTTP Error, Receive SSL Error, Cear SSL Preferences, Clear HTTP Auth and Pass, Clear Private Data, Clear Cache, Clear History, Clear Clipboard, Notify to Open Valid Link, Clear Clipboard, Enable Cookies, Clear Cookies, Clear Session Cookies, Remember Form Data, Clear Form Data, Enable Locationo, Cache Mode }
  39. Accessibiity { Zoom Gesture, Zoom Controls, Volume Up, Volume Down, Hold Back, Text Size }
  40. Advanced { Webpage Debugging, Do Not Track, Set Up Security, Device Admin, Pretend MOde, Change Answer, Clear Answer, Force HTTPS, Enable Javascript, Clear Javascript storage APIs, prompt, alert, confirm, before unload, Layer Type, Overview Mode, WideViewPort, DOM Storage APIs, Database, Cache, Text Selection, Text Encoding, Custom Text Encoding, Mixed Content Mode, Slow Whole Document Draw, Floating Webvium, Block Screenshot/Record, Content Captured, Block Images and Video Thumbnails }
  41. Videos { Screen Orientation, Captions, Automatically play videos, Poster Image, Custom Poster Image, Show Demo }
  42. Backup and Reset { Settings, Search History Bookmarks Databases, Reset to default }
  43. Laps { Hide/Show Toolbar, Hide/Show Toolbar Elevation, Custom Font File, Primary Font, Secondary Font, Turn on Wifi, Turn off Wifi, Run Garbage Collector, Launch Webvium on update }
  44. Manage Space
  45. Default:
  46. Webvium will automatically backup itself up once it detected no backup files in backup folder.. everytime webvium get updated webvium backup all the current versions.. the backup was zip so itll consume much space..
  47. Webvium scans first all data before it been saved into databases nor show to user.. it scan for inapproiate content and if found the data will be ignore nor the part of data will be delete or censored.
  48. Webvium LITE
  49. Explore files and folders via searching file


Webvium app is the most easiest web browser app to install and download you can download it from this website

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